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Medical Weight Loss Specialist

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Jeffrey D Strickler, MD, FAAFP

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Almost 70% of Americans over age 20 are overweight. Weight challenges increase your risk for several chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. If you’ve tried every diet and still struggle to lose weight and keep it off, medical weight loss from Village Family Medicine PC in Roscommon, Michigan can help. Jeffrey Strickler, MD, FAAFP, and the team supervise your weight loss efforts and help you reach your goal weight. Call the practice or schedule an appointment online to learn more today.

Medical Weight Loss Q&A

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a program you participate in under the supervision of a health care professional. The doctor creates a customized and realistic plan to promote weight loss and help you reach your goal.

Medical weight loss consists of an initial consultation and exam, discussion of lifestyle changes, and weight loss medications.

What medical weight loss program is available?

Village Family Medicine PC uses the Clean Start Weight Loss® program. During the initial medical weight loss consultation, your doctor completes a full medical history and orders lab testing to ensure the program is a good match for you. 

The program is completely customized to your unique health needs. You don’t have to buy prepackaged diet foods, stock up on vitamins, or take weight loss supplements. The Clean Start Weight Loss program involves eating real food you can buy at any grocery store.

Prescription hormone injections are an essential part of the Clean Start Weight Loss program. The hormone injections assist your body’s fat-burning capabilities to deliver results.

What are the benefits of a medical weight loss program?

Most people who participate in a medical weight loss program have already tried other methods of losing weight unsuccessfully. You experience several benefits of losing weight under the supervision of a doctor over trying to lose weight on your own.

Some people have underlying medical or hormonal issues that prevent you from losing weight, no matter how well you follow a diet plan or how much you exercise. 

Your doctor looks for health conditions that prevent weight loss, like thyroid issues or vitamin deficiencies, during your initial consultation and develops a personalized weight loss plan that ensures you achieve the best results. Your doctor also discusses your weight loss goals during the consultation and determines your ideal healthy weight.

During the program, your doctor monitors your weight loss progress along with your overall health and well-being. As you lose weight, you also benefit from lower blood pressure and decrease your risks for numerous chronic diseases.

Just because you haven’t yet lost weight successfully, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. Call Village Family Medicine PC or schedule a consultation online to learn how medical weight loss can help you reach your ideal weight.