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Annual Physicals Specialist

Village Family Medicine PC

Jeffrey D Strickler, MD, FAAFP

Family Medicine & Aesthetic Clinic located in Roscommon, MI

You probably know to visit your doctor when you’re not feeling well or experiencing symptoms, but how long has it been since you scheduled an appointment when you’re not sick? Annual physicals are important for tracking your overall health and well-being and are a key strategy for providing preventive care. Jeffrey Strickler, MD, FAAFP, and the team at Village Family Medicine PC in Roscommon, Michigan, provide annual physicals to keep your body functioning at its best. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Annual Physicals Q&A

Why do I need annual physicals?

Annual physicals help your doctor evaluate your health over time. Since many medical issues occur without obvious symptoms, like high cholesterol or high blood pressure, getting routine physical exams serves as a baseline to identify minor issues before they become severe.

What happens during annual physicals?

Members of Village Family Medicine PC receive annual wellness visits, including basic lab tests and screening tests. The goal of an annual physical is to prevent issues before they arise. Annual physicals include:

Health and weight measurement

Drastic weight fluctuations may indicate illness. Every annual exam includes height and weight measurements to compare from year to year.

Vital sign check

The team at Village Family Medicine PC takes your vital signs, including a blood pressure reading and heart rate. People with high blood pressure often don’t have any symptoms, but it can indicate several possible health problems.  

Discuss health concerns

Your annual physical exam is the ideal opportunity to discuss chronic symptoms or newly developing symptoms with your doctor. Before your appointment, it’s useful to make notes of topics you want to discuss with your doctor and write down any questions you want to ask. 

Review medications and supplements

Discuss any vitamins, supplements, or medication you take during your physical exam. Keeping your medical records up-to-date with medications helps your doctor avoid prescribing medications that may cause dangerous drug interactions. 

Review your family medical history

Because many health conditions are more likely if you have family members with the issue, every annual physical includes a review of your family’s medical history. It’s helpful to prepare a list of medical conditions members of your family have prior to your appointment.

Physical evaluation

Your dedicated doctor at Village Family Medicine PC evaluates your body and physical health. Women may receive a breast or pelvic exam while men may receive a prostate exam. 

Tests and health screenings

Tests, blood work, and health screenings like colonoscopies and mammograms are ordered depending on your age and sex.

How do I prepare for an annual physical?

You can help your doctor accurately evaluate your health with a little preparation before your appointment. Bring a list of:

  • Current medication, supplements, and vitamins
  • Results from previous tests or blood work
  • Symptoms and details about when they occur
  • Personal medical and surgical history
  • Family medical history

If you see other doctors, bring their names and contact information if you also want reports from your annual physical sent to them.

Maintain good health and schedule your next physical exam by calling Village Family Medicine PC or booking an appointment online today.